Facing Problems making Odoo ERP v11 Mobile Friendly?

So I wanted to access my CRM (Odoo ERP) through my mobile phone as its very convenient to access client documents and see whats pending when you are waiting in the traffic or for the doctor’s appointment. The thing is that Odoo (formerly OpenERP) is not mobile friendly by default (At least thats still the case with v11)

So I decided to install the awesome Web Responsive Module . I am quite impressed with the work. It totally made my ERP mobile friendly as I have been trying for ages to find the perfect mobile app to access my CRM.

But nothing in the software world comes easy (both properietary and open source) . I started facing issues whenever I opened any client opporuntity from the CRM. I was receiving the following error message from Odoo:

Error: QWeb2: Template 'web_responsive.MenuStatusbarButtons' not found

The Solution

Fortunately the problem can be easily solved by just restarting the odoo service on your server.

On my ubuntu server I used the following command:

sudo service odoo11 restart

Your’s might be different command based on your installation.

I wonder what could be the reason behind this? Is Odoo not able to detect something and it does when we restart the service? If that is the case then why can’t it simply restart itself once any new module is installed? (or will it be more damaging if there is any current work in progress?) Would love to hear what you have to say on this?

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