So you have created the perfect landing page for your campaign and now its time to share the link with your media buying executive. Just like every other landing page you have the form on the page with all the standard fields such as the first name, last name, email and maybe also the mobile number, their location, the product they are intertested in. Ready to share it with the world? Hold your horses! Is your contact form optimized for higher conversion?

Things to consider for higher conversion rate

There are various things you should consider before you publish that landing page. Most importantly you need to understand what is the purpose of the campaign. Is it to collect Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) or Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)?

What is a MQL?

A marketing qualitified lead is a person who is not yet ready to buy your product or service but is or might be interested in your industry. As the intent of buying is very low, the motivation to share their information will be very less. Example could be you maintaining a blog about your industry and someones wants to remain updated regarding that domain. Such a person might want to share their name and email with you but not their mobile numner. So it doesn’t make sense to ask them for more details other than the email and name.

What is SQL?

A sales qualified lead is someone who is not only interested but also ready to buy your product or service. As the intent to buy is high, their motivation to share more information will be more than a MQL. So it would make sense to show them a full contact form with mobile number and other sales related questions so that you can forward such leads the Sales Team

So what to do with the MQLs?

Marketing Qualified Leads need to be nurtured through different methods. This is a term used heavily in marketing domain as Leads Nurturing. I will write about this in a different post . Stay tuned 🙂

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