My experience working with part time developers has been a mix of both good and bad. A little bit on the bad side i would say. The issue is, as you can guess, with the comittment. They might start saying yes to other projects during the course of working on your project. And here when things can get vary.

Or maybe you started working with them when they were already on another project but they promised you that your work wouldn’t get affected. And for the first few weeks things were normal (or maybe because its the honemoon phase), and then its later when deadlines are missed and even meetings are not attended you start writing a blog post about it out of frustration. (yup thats what happening right now)

I wish developers could be more ethical and moral here. I wish they could say NO more often. I wish they didn’t commit to my projects instead let someone else work on it who is available to work. I am in a similar positin now and I am wondering what should be done to make things go back to normal?

Should I warn the developer one more time? Because I already did. or should i not waste my time for second warnings and just replace him with another developer who can commit and respects deadlines. Or should i hire an additonal developer for support. This way if the original developer lags somewhere the newer developer can fill in the gaps. And eventually if the first developer keeps giving me hard time, the other is always there to replace him.

Well I should start posting for this hire. Or simply go to upwork and find someone experienced there.

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