Webmin login will for some unknown reasons take me to the first website/virtual host.

Since I am using Webmin for quite a time now and as it happens with every open-source tool, you come across something that frustrates you because you remember you didn’t change anything but later you find out that it was you who did that little change and now you are snatching your hair in order to find out what went wrong.

Using open-source software like Virtualmin is both satisfying and troublesome. Why troublesome? well because support is all depended on the community and you have to be lucky that others have also faced the same or similar issue. Your second option is to post it in the forums or try out different ways yourself to dig out the root cause of the issue.

To be honest I am pretty lazy when it comes to posting to forums. Or maybe I hate the wait. So I went with the only option I had, find out myself.

Turns out the problem was with Cloudflare messing with the LetsEncrypt SSL. So if you are behind Cloudflare, try changing the cloud icons to grey for the record that is responsible for the website login. (which means Cloudflare won’t work).

Alternatively, you can turn off SSL for the whole domain. or disable SSL just for that particular record using page rules.

2 Replies to “Apache Reverse Proxy for Webmin login takes to the default website”

  1. Ammad
    August 3, 2019 8:01

    Ahmad am glad to see your article, doing great job.

    As am also working in open source technologies, facing troublesomes, and what happened then finding the best article containing the solution, sometimes find an exact but sometime not, but people’s on community showing great efforts on their articles to write a solution.

    Now comes to your article, i start reading by considering that at the end i will learn something but i found the same thing which normally people’s are doing to make just a content to run their blog.

    So please consider this as a suggestion and hope so people will find more useful article from your side

    • mush#
      August 3, 2019 7:36

      Hi Ammad. Thank you for your comment but can you read the article again? The solution is mentioned clearly in the last two paragraphs.

      I understand you might be used to reading articles with clear headings such as Problem, Solution and Conclusion but I rather write naturally. I hope you understand.

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