There is no such thing called ‘Azad Visa’ in Saudi Arabia


I posted this in response to a Linked-In discussion on ‘Azad Visa in Saudi Arabia’ and thought it would be very useful for others who are not using LinkedIn.

I am posting this because I believe that as a Muslim its my duty to deliver the truth to others. I have seen many job postings and offers over the Internet claiming that they offer Azad Visas.

Dear brothers and sisters… there is no such term called ‘Azad Visa’. Its such a shame that we fool our own people. These so called agents charge their fellow Pakistanis thousands of saudi riyals… however the actual cost of the visa is a few hundred riyals which is to be paid by the sponsor (Kafeel) himself. Yes you get ‘Azadi’ by working anywhere but what about the money you have to give to your sponsor on annual (or monthly) basis which is also illegal. And what if he demands more money? You will be a in a situation where you dont have enough money to give him but you don’t have any other choice other than borrowing it from your friends/family. Please stay in your own country and work hard unless you have no other choice to get out of poverty. If you’re coming here only to earn money.. then don’t expect respect from the small companies.. Only large corporations respect their employees.

My advice:

  • Contact the companies directly over the internet. If they hire you… They will pay for everything. (And plz avoid any agent… They won’t help you for your sake..)
  • If you have friends in Saudi Arabia, ask them to forward your CV. The point is to let the company pay for the Visa. And thats totally legal. Be smart.
  • Try to find information about labor laws in saudi over the internet. * One last but risky advice… But its legal: Visit Saudi Arabia for an Umrah along with all of your documents. Perform your religious duties… And after that.. when you’re free… Drop your CV at different offices in Makkah and Jeddah. If someone hires you.. let them know everything that you’re on Umrah. They will give you a visa.. and you just have to exit the country and enter with your new resident permit visa.
  • Last advice if you got screwed by your sponsor… Just complain the Ministry of Labor. You can also complain to your embassy.. but trust me… they won’t listen unless you threaten them that you will contact the higher authorities e.g Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. But over all… the Ministry of Labor will surely do justice. At least its true for Jeddah. Don’t know about other cities.

Please share it with your friends especially those who are illiterate… they are the one mostly victimised by these so called agents. I don’t know how can they live with this Haraam earning?

Source: Experience. I am living in Saudi since Birth.

May Allah guide us all. Kind Regards.

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