Oh My God!! So much High Speed Downloading in BZU Hostels!!!

Hey friends!! Today what I’m gonna show you will surely blow up your mind. Just have a look at the image.

As you can see that the transfer rate is in Mb’s per second. But sadly bandwidth like this one is only available after 2:00 AM in the morning. Such a poor management by the IT Center.

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  1. @Wasif Laeeq!

    Well what you said is true… Many students (including myself) try to suck as much bandwidth as we can. But Wasif don’t you think that the management should be cursed too? What if they provide each IP with limited bandwidth? (Say 10 Kbps). Its possible. But they don’t do it. After all, its just a matter of software implementation. Piece of cake!

    Isn’t its better to get a DSL line for each student from PTCL for just 800 rupees per month which provides atleast 70 kbps (sometimes more) downloading bandwidth.

  2. hmmm;

    Good data rate ….

    Congrats on enjoying that nice transfer rate …

    But why do you blame the Management of IT?

    You should not …

    14mbps downlink … to be divided in 9 Hostels … and also to the departments in daytime…

    just take an example … 10 users/hostel like you (who try to suck the bandwidth) from each hostel That’s not for which University provides internet facility, They provided access to get access to knowledge not to games and movies…

    10 users * 9 hostels = 90 users

    I think 90 are Normal users after 2 AM

    90 users at a time downloading at full speed … from where they can provide you bandwidth?

    at day time too many departments + Labs + Hostels …

    What they should do?

    they should pair with more bandwidth providers?

    are you willing to pay to university for bandwidth?
    I think not too many b/w providers are interested in Pakistan…

    Only TransWorld & PTCL provide b/w in Pakistan (I think only these 2) …

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