Mobilink Infinity! What the heck!!!

Waiting for the flight in the waiting lounge of Jinnah Airport, what I saw was amazing. Mobilink installed its computers powered by Mobilink Infinity. Whats Mobilink Infinity? Its the company’s new strategy to compete in the wireless broadband business. I don’t use Mobilink Indigo, which is the postpaid package for its customers, because its not affordable for me. Neither I user Jazz because others are cheaper. So what do you think? Is Mobilink Infinity going to be more affordable than Wateen and Wi-Tribe? One thing is for sure!!! The competetion will surely pressurize others to lower down their prices! Whats your say on this product? Please give us your valuable time by filling up the comments form below. Regards….

Edit: Many people were asking me for any student offer by Mobilink on its Infinity product. As far as I know, there is no such kind of offer. I think students should opt for PTCL’s DSL student package…. Thanks….

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  1. Hi,
    i remember during I was residing in Pakistan, internet was not as good as is not, I keep studying about number of changes being made and I am obliged to see our youngsters, businessmen has fast internet connection which is the most important tool for your online marketing mediums
    Thank you for your posts though

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