HP Compaq 6710b Wireless QuickLaunch button not working (Fixed)

Salam Guys. After installing Windows 7 on this laptop, everything worked fine on this machine except Wireless Lan. I thought of it as a simple driver problem. So I opened Device Manager. To my surprise, a ‘Broadcam’ Wireless Adapter was already installed under Network Adapters. Then I thought that there must be a button or shortcut key on the keyboard for activating WiFi. After inspecting the whole laptop, I finally found a touch sensor type button above the F4 key. But unexpectedly, after touching the sensor ( even pressing ;) ), there was no response from the computer. Quite depressing!!

One thing which I observed that the Wireless sensor blinks whenever I booted up the system but it doesn’t blink after Windows loads. Finally I became tired of trying and started believing that there’s something wrong with the Hardware. It was until I searched online that I started hoping for some solution. I found many many users online facing the same problem. So by trying many different ways, I figured out what the solution is. Yes!!!

Step 1: Change Bios Settings.

  • Start your notebook and while its starting, keep pressing the F10 key till Setup(ROM based setup) starts.
  • Go to System Configuration.
  • Then go to Built-In Device Options.
  • Make sure the ‘Embedded WLAN Device Radio’ option is enabled.
  • And make sure the ‘LAN/WLAN Swithcing’ option is disabled.

Step2: Download and Install HP Wireless assistant (sp35903)

Download HP Wireless Assistant by clicking any of the following two links:

Download from Mediafire very FAST!!!!


Download from HP’s official website.


Search for the latest version online.

When you’ve finished downloading, install it and restart your system.

Step 3: Use the Wireless Sensor and Woaah!!!

Finally when Windows reboots, you will notice HP Wireless Assistant on Windows taskbar. Now simply touch the Wireless LAN sensor button (above the F4 key ) and Wooaaah!! The sensor will turn ON. Now you connect to any Wireless Network.

Optional: Download Wireless LAN Drivers

If you still face any problem, you should update your drivers. You can download Wireless Lan drivers from HP’s site:

Download Wireless LAN drivers for Windows 7 Ultimate from HP

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  1. Hello …..I’m trying to installl windows 7 on Compaq 6710b but I’ve not succeded. When i insert the iinstallation disc Windows gives me error code 0*80070001……..I’ve also tried to installl this OS from my flashdisk but the laptop wont boot from the flashdisk……please assist me.

  2. i have compaq 510, when i start to setup the bluetooth driver it prompts me to first enabled the bluetooth device, i did enabled radio through bios and installed hp wireless assistant…but the wireless assistent on shows for wireless on / off…..not for bluetooth…now i cant installed bluetooth driver and use the bluetooth….is there any way to enabled bluetooth…please help…

    • Dear Rabin!
      Can you see ‘installed’ against the bluetooth option in BIOS? If not, then perhaps the bluetooth chip is not installed or is not attached properly. Why don’t you open up your notebook and check whether any bluetooth chip is attached or not..?


  3. I had the same problem. The problem happened to me after I did a HP factory settings restore.
    How I fixed it was I pressed the info touch key just above F2/F3 or left of the wireless touch key.
    The HP info centre then came up. Then I clicked on HP Software Setup.
    Once that opens, tick on “Hardware Enabling Drivers”, untick the other options and lastly click on the Install button.
    Once the install is done, it will request a restart and once you back in your OS, the button will be working.

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