How To Uninstall CFormsII In WordPress Blog?

I’ve been using cformII for a while now for my clients. I am really impressed by the great features this plugin has. I think its being developed by a single developer and thats why there are some bugs in it. Last time I encourtered a serious bug and I had no choice but to reset cformII. I tried to re-install it by completely deleting cforms from plugins and deleted the two db tables created by cforms but my old forms keep appearing when I install it again.

So after searching a while on the Internet I found the solution.
In order to uninstall cformsII from wordpress blog one need to perform below mentioned steps:

1) Login into the wordpress admin control panel.
2) Click on CFormsII -> Global settings.
3) Click on Uninstalling/removing cforms.
4) Click on delete all cforms data.
5)Deactivate and Delete cformII from the Plugins area

That’s it!

If you don’t know what cforms then click here.


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