How to Mass Invite Friends to Events and Fan Pages on Facebook

Just found this script here for inviting all of your friends to like your page. Its awesome and time saving.


  • Open up your facebook page
  • Click on Build Audience
  • Click on Invite Friends
  • The following ajax window will open

  • Select ‘Search all friends’ from the top left drop down menu
  • Scroll down to the end of the list. (This step is important! Otherwise the request will not be sent to all of your friends)
  • Now add the following Javascript code into the address bar and see how all of your friends are checked automatically on run time 😉
javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]“);currentFriendClick=0;friendClickTotal=elms.length;friendClickInterval = setInterval(“clickCurrentFriend()”, 15);
function clickCurrentFriend()
if(elms[currentFriendClick].type=”checkbox”) elms[currentFriendClick].click();
if(currentFriendClick >= friendClickTotal) clearInterval(friendClickInterval);

Note: Also, it’s important to check for the ‘javascript:’ before ‘elms=’ in the URL box. Its been notices that FireFox and Google Chrome strip out the declaration.

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