How to increase your internet downloading bandwidth in BZU

Salam guys….

As most of you guys know that now a days the Internet fascility here in BZU sucks…. A simple Google page takes about a minute to open (Sometimes even more). Its may be because of the Panda Gate Defender installed on the server. Our IT Center is so dumb that after days of complaining, they couldn’t bring any solution to this problem. ย But not to worry now cuz your fellow Ahmad is introducing you to this new piece of code….. FreeGate. ย This software will not only allow you to unblock prohibited sites but will also increase your overall downloading bandwidth. I’ve checked the software myself and its 100% working…..

Follow the following easy steps and you’re ready to go:

  • A new small window will be opened, Check the check-box ‘Manually Set Proxy + Freegate’
  • In the ‘Proxy‘ text-box, write ‘‘. (This is actually the IP Address of the proxy server installed in BZU)
  • In the same way, write ‘8080‘ in the second text-box.
  • Finally press OK.

  • Finally wait for servers list to appear as shown in the following image:

  • The proxy settings of Internet Explorer will be changed automatically but if you’re using any other browser then simply change the settings as below:

Proxy Address:

Port: 8580

Enjoy Browsing!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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