How to create a page in Dreamweaver


I hope that all of the members have installed ‘Dreamweaver’ on their computers. If you’ve not installed  Dreamweaver yet then please copy it from Nadra or Nudrat. Today you will learn to create HTML pages with Dreamweaver.

Follow the following easy steps:

Open Dreamweaver from Start Menu:

Choose ‘Designer’

Now First Click ‘Basic Page’ then ‘HTML’  and then ‘Create’

Now Click on ‘Code’ button:

The code which you will see is generated by Dreamweaver automatically. So we only design the page and Dreamweaver automatically creates the HTML code:

To change the Title of the page, write your own title in the title box:

Now again click on ‘Code’ button, Aap dekh skte ho k Dreamweaver ne automatically Title k lie code generate kr lia hai:

Now click on ‘Design’ button. Write the following lines in the empty white area:

Now to save the page, Go to ‘File’ and click ‘Save’:

When new window opens, Click on ‘Desktop’, write “My first page.html” in the ‘File Name’ text area and in the end click on ‘Save’.

The page is saved on the desktop. To check the page, just right click on the file ‘My first page.html’ from Desktop and then click Open.

The page will open in a browser window like the one below:

Now if you want to open the page again in Dreamweaver, just right click the page file, click on ‘Open with’ and then click on ‘Dreamweaver 8’.

Or you can directly open the page from Dreamweaver as shown below:

Or you can also open it by Clicking on ‘File’ and then ‘Open’:

When a new windows appears, Click on ‘Desktop’ and find and select ‘My first page.html. Finally Click on ‘Open’

So fellows today we have learned to create a simple HTML page in Dreamweaver. Please practice this example as well those present in the ‘Web Development’ Book. In our next meeting, I will ask questions regarding this exercise and others too. So be prepared and don’t waste any single moment.

You can use the form below to ask questions or to simply say ‘Thanks Ahmad!” 😉