Google Pakistan and other websites hacked defaced by eboz

Today I was very shocked to see that Google Pakistan has been defaced by an unknown group ‘eboz’. I can’t believe that a  reputed company like Google can be compromised so easily. The hackers must be very competent as google is not a little business to get Panga with 😉

Update: I have come to know that basically it was an infiltration in the PKNIC database. PKNIC is responsible for managing domain names ending with the ‘.PK’ tld. You can find more info about it at

The following is the screenshot of the defaced page:

Apparently, no one has taken the responsibility of hacking as of now, but a message written in Turkish language indicates the presence of Turkish hacker group that goes by the name of Eboz.  There has been no motive or message left over the defaced website which usually is not the case as hackers love to leave their message on the websites they hack.

The hackers left the following message in turkish language:

Kankalarım hep yanımda arkadaş içinde
Yanımda olmayan mı var çekimlik her nefeste

Pakistan Downed
trabzon 2012
Dostlara selam ölmedik hala yaşıyoruz!

Here its translation in english which I got from Google Translate:

My homies in a friend always there for me
Have not shot by me with every breath

trabzon 2012

Hello friends who are still alive not dead!

Really… I have no idea what does it mean! 😉

Over the last 1-2 years, we have seen many other big websites getting hacked, and their secure information getting leaked in several ways, like the case in Sony Music which got hacked last year.  A text displaying “Downed Pakistan” can be observed on the defaced website, which is probably the sign for victory.

Solution: If you still not able to open Google Pakistan then simply you can:

  • Change your DNS address. to something else.
  • Use to open google global page (NCR = No Country Redirect) (Thanks to our fan Ali Hassan)
Update: Some people also think that somebody have done it to poison Pak-Turkey relationships and the hackers are not Turks. Allah knows the best.

What are your comments on this?

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