How took my money and didn’t return it back! is one of the famous websites where millions of freelancers and employers work on a variety of projects. But like many advanced web applications, it also has some drawbacks. The following is complaint/suggestion which I have filled in their support forums:

I am writing this here after exchanging a number a of emails with the support staff. I hope someone from the top management would take this issue seriously because it has something to do with’s policy. Apologies for my bad english, I am not a native english speaker.

What I am going to describe in the next lines is a very serious issue which should be resolved ASAP!

The Problem

Many fake account holders are creating fake projects without depositing any single penny. When freelancers bid on such projects, the fake account holder accepts the bid resulting in deduction of a fee from both users’ accounts. Then the fake account holder doesn’t respond at all to the freelancer’s messages. The poor freelancer cannot even cancel the project to refund his/her money which was deducted by Of course the fake account holder does not lose any money because he has not deposited any funds into his account and his balance simply shoes in negative. And unfortunate freelancers suffer. And many have decided to switch to other alternatives. 

Possible Solution should only deduct fees after the milestone is created.

What I have already heard from the staff?

“…These fees are for the introduction of the employer and the freelancer to meet and complete projects together…”

“…project fees are non-refundable whether a project is complete, incomplete, or cancelled…”

How the above statements lack sense

I understand that the primary source of income for is the fees imposed on both the freelancer and the employer. As you wrote in your last support message, ‘These fees are for the introduction of the employer and the freelancer…’. But you guys are ignoring the fact that the employer and the freelancer both can still get in touch by sharing IM chat accounts (skype) through the site’s own messaging system and eventually not letting to have a single penny. Although serious freelancers like me and many others, who are concerned about their public profile, would never communicate outside I understand that this is the company’s policy but I think the way its being imposed can be improved so that freelancers remain loyal to the company and don’t feel like if they are getting robbed.

This is a very serious problem. And many people are complaining about this on the internet. Its really damaging’s image. I have already lost 55 dollars for nothing! Whats the point of getting introduced to someone who’s fake and just playing around with people’s money?

Precautions for freelancers:

Don’t accept the project before the employer creates a milestone payment. And make sure the first milestone is more than the fee which deducts from your account.


The following is the support ticket which I have already used to contact freelancer support.
Ticket Details
Ticket ID: KCW-465-27550
Department: General
Type: Project Fees
Status: In Progress
Priority: Unset

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  1. Hey, same thing happened to me, I was offered a job that I accepted and then, nothing. I lost around 30 dollars and I wrote the support team and waiting for them to write me back.
    The money need to be refunded this is pure robbery

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