Simple Student Information System using PHP MySQL

UPDATE 20-11-2016: This is a dead simple system that I did when I was learning basic PHP in college. I didn’t realize it would be helpful for other students until I uploaded it on my website. Just use it for learning purposes.

You may had heard about student information systems. Its the software which manages student’s information in the form of database records. Many educational institutes use this type of software to manage the vast information of their previous and current students.

Previous semester, our web development lecturer asked us to develop a website system using PHP and MySQL. I preferred this type of system because most of the people can easily understand its purpose and functions.


  • Simple design.
  • Fast (due to minimal graphics).
  • Less than 10 pages.
  • Web pages developed in PHP.
  • Records stored using MySQL Database.
  • Absolutely FREE with modification allowed.

Watch the following DEMO video to have an idea of Student Information System:

How to get it?

Download / Fork it on GitHub

How to run/install/use?


  • To run this project on your PC, you need a web server with PHP and MySQL support. If you’re using Windows then download and install WAMP. If you’re a linux user then use XAMP.
  • After installing the above mentioned software, download the zip of Student Information System and extract the files to the ‘www’ folder of WAMP  or ‘htdocs’ folder of XAMP.
  • Start WAMP SERVER.
  • Import the mysql.sql file using PHPMYADMIN. (Hint open this URL in browser: http://localhost/phpmyadmin)
  • After this, open ‘LocalHost’ in your browser by navigating your browser to http://localhost.
  • Student Information System’ will be working now.

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  1. sir, hvin problems wid d Dreamweaver… u plz send a simple code for login admins…..
    eagerly w8in 🙂

  2. It is wonderful.
    Sir I am trying to create online test (Intranet) for participants where as the questions and answers will be on a database. When participants click test it is should ask for his ID Number and the questions with options should be shown to the participants. After they click submit button the answer clicked for each questions should be recoded in a tabe ID wise. Finally result can be shown and answers can be reviewed. DO you have any sample code for this.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I’ve been looking for months for any tuts, codes or help in the web on student database. I was very much delighted when I came across your video on youtube. I know only a little html and I’m starting to learn php or sql scripts online. I really want to help my fellow teachers lessen their burden. This is very much helpful to us. I’ll check the codes later and try to edit (if it’s ok with you) some to match the database we have planned. I hope you would help me in the future should I need it.

    You’re a blessing!

  4. sir, i want to install a data recovery software like recuva,restoration.
    i install a restoration s/w but when it recover its language is not readable.for this problem what i can do?

  5. hello sir!
    i have to submit my project on students record in php i download your project but it does not work there occur some problem in importing sql file.first i develop a database name department and then import your sql file but it does not work plz sir help me ……….

  6. Mr. IT,
    sir i need more system that programed using php and mysql.. thank you..just for our project in software engineer..

  7. Salam..
    we have follow all the instructions that you give and already import the mysql.sql file in php myadmin but we dont know how to call that web pages..
    when we type http://localhost/index.php , the xampp localhost main page appear what should we do to call that pages.

    please help us

  8. Hey there Mr. IT, thanx for the great job. you are help us a lot with your benevolence when it comes to sharing your knowledge. i am developing an online students results management system for my bachelors project, but am really having trouble with automating results entry into the excel sheets so that result are not entered one by one, and i need a mechanism for automatic GPA calculation. thus i want my system to be highly automated. i sent you my a copy of my system package so that u can advise me accordingly. thanx again for your knowledge generosity.

  9. i just want to make a simple pet shop system..but since im new in this kind of programming language…i need help, all i want is to get the complete info of the customer and what are the pets that she/he buy… and save it in the database…I’ve got and error when i submit it….by the way im using radio button to choose what pet does the customer buy…when i call those info in the second page, it run successfully and when i did that thing again with the complete customer info…it wont run successful..all i got is the customer info but i dont get the pet that she/he selected..

  10. Dear Benny,

    It seems like you want a Student Information System with Authentication Module (Log In/ Log Out feature) and different pages (or Views) for different users (i.e Administrators & Users) Unfortunately I’ve not added such features in my project. But don’t worry. You can add such features with very little coding or no coding. Are you familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver? If not then you should download it first. Google it and download the latest version.

    After you have installed Dreamweaver, visit the following page and follow the steps to develop a Log-In page on any existing project without any coding:

    Afterwards develop PHP pages for the administrator and place them in a different folder (probably Admin folder). Finally you need to restrict access to ‘Admin’ folder so that only administrators can access the admin features. To do this, simply follow the steps mentioned on the following adobe tutorial:

    Let us know when you are successful. Best of Luck 🙂


  11. salam..

    thanks for the system

    but do you have the codes in grading students.. exmple: 90 – A 30 =E
    i need it for my project. glad if you could help me.


    • Dear Reynaldo!
      Which host are you using? Cpanel? Plesk Panel etc?
      For instance, lets say you’re using Cpanel. Then simply import the ‘mysql.sql’ file in ‘PHPMyAdmin’.


  12. Dear Rahul Upadhyay,

    I’ve included a text file in it with ‘.sql. file extension. This file contains all the database information. You just need to import this file from your favorite DBMS (Hint: PHPMyAdmin). Read the ‘ReadMe.txt’ file carefully…

    Salam (Peace)

  13. Dear Mr.IT,

    Thank you so much for sharing your work free of cost. I am really impressed see your source code 🙂

    Well, I need your help, I want same project with schedule, subject of a student and instructors. can plz help me before this sunday. Thank you 🙂


    • Dear owen… I’ve provided the download link above under the heading ‘Download Student Information System’. Please check it again… Thanks…

  14. Thank you for sharing your work!

    I’m learning php and I was kinda stuck. This website that you shared has really been a huge help in giving me an alternative.


    P.S. If you have time maybe you could help me with what I basically wanted to do.

      • elow mr. IT can you add log in with database on your code?
        admin and student allow to log in..
        if admin logging in it show all student list and able to edit all.and if one of the student in the list log in only his information can be shown and able to edit the information..specially the username and password.

        plzz help me..for the log in with database..i need it as soon as posible. i have my own student information system but i have problem in my login.

        • Dear maxiguel,

          You can use Adobe Dreamweaver to automatically add an User Authentication/Login-Logout functionality in your system.

          Kind Regards…

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