Felt earthquake in Multan

earhquake jolts in pakistan

earhquake jolts in pakistan

Here I am at my friend’s house enjoying browsing online. Then Atiif (my friend) told me, as he was watching GEO TV, that strong tremors are felt in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Mansehra, Peshawar, Khyber Agency and other adjacent areas at 01:53 AM. To wasif’s surprise he had felt the jolts an hour ago when he went downstairs. (Actually he felt it by the unusual motion of the door)

Although no loss of any life has been reported, people in Lahore city came out of their houses. (From TV).

All we can do now is to pray and thank Allah that no major loss occurred. 🙂

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Please share your experiences with the jolts… And do let us know from which city do you belong? (Comments Form is at the bottom)


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