Slick Carousal in RTL Mode

img_0448I have been scratching my head all night to get this thing fixed! We have been using Slick Carousal in one of our projects and it breaks whenever ‘dir=”rtl” is injected into the body tag.

I wish I had came across this before because it costed me a good night sleep and 2 cups of coffee to make it work in the arabic version of the website.

The solution was plain simple, you basically have to use the following option when initializing the carousal:


rtl: true 




Workaround: jQuery Select2 doesn’t let user to select option after unselect when maximumSelectionSize is used

jquery-v3I am using jQuery Select2 plugin, for select boxes, on one of my projects. The best thing I like about this plugin is that it allows the user to search through a multiple select box. Also the user doesn’t have to use the (CTRL+Click) combination to select multiple options. But today, I just came across a problem when I was trying to limit the number of options a user could select. I wanted the user to select only a single option on the multiple select box. And thankfully, Select2 has something called maximumSelectionSize which we can simply pass to the constructor. 

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How To Uninstall CFormsII In WordPress Blog?

I’ve been using cformII for a while now for my clients. I am really impressed by the great features this plugin has. I think its being developed by a single developer and thats why there are some bugs in it. Last time I encourtered a serious bug and I had no choice but to reset cformII. I tried to re-install it by completely deleting cforms from plugins and deleted the two db tables created by cforms but my old forms keep appearing when I install it again.

So after searching a while on the Internet I found the solution.

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WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme Problem: Divs & Images appear under Header Image

The twenty eleven theme is one of my favorite wordpress themes. Its very lightweight, well managed, fully functional and the best thing is it uses fewer resources of the web server.

Recently I came across a problem with the header image. I am using an awesome plugin for facebook which shows a slider at every page but now the problem was that the header image of the twenty eleven theme was appearing on top of the slider.

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