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  1. Assalamualaikkum bhai…
    (sorry…my English,Urdu and Hindi z very bad)
    Me frm India-Kerala-Calicut.
    From lst month onwrdz,m visiting ur site contnsly…..m doin final MBA Information System. also doin Project on Student IS. hppns to knw dat u also dd Simple SIS.my SIS z nt simple…. Bt still ur proj. wz very helpfull for me…..juz wnt to thank u for ur effort…
    Kp it up bhai….xpecting more frm u….

    • Wa Alaikum Assalam!

      First of all thank you very much for visiting my website. I’m very happy to know that my simple project really helped someone out there. I hope that Insha Allah your project will be completed within expected time period.

      Thank You!

  2. howdy nice little site you got there 😉 I use the identical web theme on mine yet for whatever weird explanation it looks to stream better on yours despite the fact that this blog has got a little more multimedia. Are you using any individual plug ins or widgets which quicken it up? Do you think you could show the plug ins so maybe I would be able to use them in my personal blog so twilight breaking dawn users could watch twilight breaking dawn online trailers and films easier I would be pleased – cheers in advance 🙂

    • Dear edward!

      Thanks for your visit… I’m just using 2-3 plug-ins . ‘Easy-Adsense’, ‘All in one SEO pack’, and a few others which I don’t remember right now (or too lazy to check them out 😉 ).

  3. @ M.Riaz Bahawalnagaree
    Wa Alaikum Assalam!
    Thanks brother for the comments. I really appreciate them as they keep my motivated.

    Yes sure I will be your friend and will remember you in my prayers!

    Mujhe bhi duayon main yaad rakhiya ga!

  4. Salam My Dear :
    I Wanna friendship you . I impressed by your behaviour, personality and your excelent thinking.

    Remember me in your prayersssssssssssss….

    Alwayzzzzzzzzzzzz Beeeeeee Happyyyyyyyy
    Alwayzzzzzzzzzzzz Beeeeeee Happyyyyyyyy
    Alwayzzzzzzzzzzzz Beeeeeee Happyyyyyyyy
    Alwayzzzzzzzzzzzz Beeeeeee Happyyyyyyyy
    Alwayzzzzzzzzzzzz Beeeeeee Happyyyyyyyy

  5. FUNNnnnNNNNNNNHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AND naughty hahahahahahhahahhhahahahahahahhahahhaahhahah

    Bohut hanseee aateeeeeeeeee hai…… hhooooooooooooo

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  7. saen zahoor ahmad dhareja ty unhan di saari team koon jhoke website di publication ty mubara baad ahdoon

    seraiki da khadim

    sahir rangpuri

    • Sahir jee buhat buhat shukria mubarak baad dene k lie…
      I hope k hum apni saraiki zaban ko jadeed (new) technology k zariye bhara sakien. Aur mujhe Jhoke ki team k saath kaam kr ke buhat acha laga. Saraiki zaban k baare main buhat kuch seekhne ko milla alhamdo lillah.

      Aap sb ka buhat buhat shukria.

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